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About school - we offer accredited Bachelor´s and Master´s degrees.

VSO is a private non-profit higher education institution. It was established in 2000 after receiving the accreditation from Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic. We offer accredited Bachelor´s and Master´s degrees. The students can study in both, daily and part time studies

Why study at VŠO?

  • We have unique study programmes that reflect current trends with a high emphasis on practice.
  • Exclusive knowledge of foreign languages with focus on technical terminology in economy, tourist industry and air transport.
  • Wide possibilities in the job market in collaboration with professional subjects such as Czech Tourism, Český Aeroholding, Prague Startup Centre, Skål International Prague, National Heritage Institution, Václav Havel Airport Prague, Ministry of Regional Development, Ministry of Transport, Czech Airlines Training Centre, Air Navigation Services of the Czech Republic and other companies and businesses in the tourist industry.
  • Collaboration with foreign universities in China, Japan, Thailand, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Greece, Albany, Sweden, South Africa, France, UAE, Hong Kong, Macau and, within the scope of the Erasmus+ programme, in Great Britain, Germany, Portugal, Poland, Spain, Turkey, Switzerland, Slovenia, Croatia, Italy, Hungary, Austria, Slovenia, Latvia, Serbia and Finland.
  • Classes 3 times per week, daily and combined forms of study, an adjusted study programme for VOŠ graduates and a 100% focus on study with the best student information system in the Czech Republic.
  • Classrooms equipped with modern IT technology and Wi-Fi connection, interactive navigation in the school’s compounds and time tables, a technical library, a client centre, relax centre, an active sport club, student events and a barrier-free access.
  • An attractive and easily accessible Prague centre, all of the school’s base on one address.

Educating and preparing qualified experts for professions in the fields of tourism, aviation services and in aviation business management

The study at the University College of Business (VSO) primarily focuses on educating and preparing qualified experts for professions in the fields of tourism, aviation services and in aviation business management, as well as in civil service and business sphere. In the course of the study the graduate acquires not only theoretical knowledge but it is also our prime aim to link it to the application in practical life. The graduates can, therefore succeed in the highly competitive environment of the current labour market.

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