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Spend One Semester of Your Study in Prague!

Students of the second level of higher education (Master) and advanced Bachelor students from the entire world can apply within their mobility or study for the module in English at the University College of Business in Prague.

Courses in English language are offered not only to international students within their mobility, but also to participants of exchange programs, or to free movers. 

The program is intended for talented students with bachelor's degree and with excellent English language skills. 

Because of the interdisciplinary nature of the study in the teaching of courses are involved teachers from different departments of the University, as well as foreign visiting professors and experts.

The module in English language provides students not only with high academic standard of knowledge, but because of the unique combination of courses and course requirements also gaining professional skills, thereby enhancing their skills in international business and management and helps them obtain the basis for building a successful career in a challenging international environment.

The module includes a field trip which can be chosen by students from the relevant offer according to her/his interest.


Courses within the Module Business in Global Economy – a Dynamic Module for Students in Move

Courses offered by the University College of Business in Prague within the module Business in Global Economy  – a Dynamic Module for Students in Move are part of the study programs and fields of study accredited by the Accreditation Committee of the Ministry of Education of the Czech Republic.


Upon successful completion of the module at the University College of Business in Prague, a certificate will be officially handed over to students.

Catalogue of Courses for Erasmus+ students 2021/2022

  • Courses in English for Erasmus+ winter and summer term are listed HERE

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