VŠO International

International MBA

We provide international mba accreditation and programs in Prague.

Program presentation

CEIBA Business School enters in a strategic cooperation with VSO, thus confirming its international reach. The MBA jointly organized by CEIBA and VSO is a graduate degree program designed for entrepreneurs, managers and government workers to acquire business and management skills. Our MBA program responds to current changes in the field of business and management for our students to stay ahead of the others.

Program goals

Our primary goal is to provide current and future managers and entrepreneurs with an education that boosts their innovative potential while promoting a progressive approach to business. This program helps executives to develop the soft skills that are necessary to enhance their career potential, such as leadership, team work and critical thinking.

Admission requirements

A bachelor degree and three years of working experience
A degree equivalent to a three-year of systematic learning in a recognized university and five years of working experience. Special cases can be accepted on individual basis after decision of the admission committee.

Required Courses

MKIB11  International Business Law

MKIB14  Digital marketing

MSET13  Leadership in management

EQMD16 Thesis

EQMD13 Research methodology and design

MKCO02 International marketing

MSET04  Sustainability and ethics

ISIB02    International management

FAAC02  Accounting and Finance

MSET03  Global strategy

MSET02  Entrepreneurship and innovation

MSET01  Human Resources management


Web – program information: https://www.ceiba-bs.com/mba-university-college-of-business-in-prague/


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