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Participation conditions

Participation conditions

VŠO students have to possibility to take part in the European educational programme – Erasmus. The selection procedures are organised by VŠO, according to conditions stated in qualification conditions of the programme (summarized below). The necessary details, as well as results of these procedures, must be released to the students on a place available to them in advance.


The participant must:

  • be a student of VŠO – all forms of study

  • have his 1st year of study finished

  • have knowledge of the language of the given country or of the teaching language, according to the requirement of the partner university. The minimal level is B2 according to SERR

  • take part in the Erasmus programme for the first time

The selection are made by the foreign languages department.

Before departure

1. Application

If the partner university does not have its own application form, use the standard Application Form (can be obtained from the Erasmus coordinator)

The application is subsequently approved by the coordinator and vice-rector approves the study subject.

The application is handed over to the coordinator, who also sends it.

2. Accommodation

The accommodation is different on every partner university. It is advised to verify the process on their websites. Some schools give this information on their own. Contact information for these partner universities can be requested.

Accommodation possibilities

  • the student will secure his own accommodation in the halls of residence of this partner school (using a so called “accommodation form”

  • the accommodation will be provided by the school (without an accommodation form)

  • with the help of the partner school, I will find private accommodation 

3Letter of acceptance

After receiving an application, the hosting university will issue a so called Letter of Acceptance. This letter can be in form of an email, a letter, etc. It is not a single united document, but it must be apparent from the letter that the given university is expecting the student in the chosen semester. The foreign schools will also be in contact with the students regarding organisational matters (accommodation, arrival, etc.)

4. Contract closure

As soon as the study programme on the hosting university is known (the information is usually on the websites, or the coordinator helps to find them out), a so called Learning Agreement is sent out. This must be consulted with the vice-rector and then approved by the coordinator.

The document must be approved and signed before departure.

Should there be a sudden change to the study plan, a change to LA annex must be written up, or alternatively a new LA must be created and signed all over again.

The deadline for the execution of this change is 4 weeks after the start of the semester on the hosting university. The hosting university automatically sends out the accepted change of the study plan.

5. Scholarship payment

There is special account on VŠO for the Erasmus programme. Scholarships are paid out to the student according to quotes established for the given academy year – they are updated.

The grant will not cover all expenses connected with the stay! It is advised to read through student reviews of those, who have already taken part in the programme.

Student will receive the grant after presenting

  • Letter of Acceptance (copy of letter, printed mail)

  • copy of accommodation certificate (school letter, approved form)

  • copy of the bilaterally approved Learning Agreement


The financial agreement must signed no later than one month before departure. The financial agreement is written up by the coordinator.

The handover of cash funds for the stay will be carried out in the accounting department.

6. Health insurance

Under the conditions set inside the financial agreement, the student must have health insurance arranged for the duration of the study

Within the scope of this condition, the student may use their ISIC cards to arrange their health insurance. The price of this insurance is 1 600, - CZK for 1 year. The insurance can be arranged through the following websites: http://www.educaops.eu/index.php/pojisteni-mobility-studentu 

7. Visa

Information leaflets for university students considering changes made by amendment to the Act. No 326/1999 Coll. on the Residence of Foreign Nationals with effect from July 31st, 2019.



Ing. Gabriela Antošová, Ph.D.

Coordinator of the Erasmus programme

tel.: +420 731 689 351

e-mail: antosova@vso-praha.eu

see you in prague!