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Internship Erasmus+ in Málaga:

My stay as an intern in the southern part of Spain proceeds without problems. 

It is already December, so it is getting colder in the evening and at night, therefore the amount of foreign tourists is decreasing. But during the day, sun still shines so my job as a guide in the walking tours continues with no change. The environment is pleasant - at the end of November there was a traditional turning on the lights of the Christmas Market. It was a beautiful show with a concert, Christmas songs and decorations all around. Now, there are shows every evening and the centre is usually crowded as if it was still summer time. 

As for covid situation, there are almost no restrictions (mandatory masks in public transport and in the interior of shops or gyms, otherwise nothing). Restaurants, bars, clubs, the city center - just everything is full of smiling people and I haven't heard of covid at all in previous 3 months. It is overall very safe here, although of course it may change over time with the arrival of a new variant. But I believe that Andalusia will continue to be at Alert level 0 and I will be able to continue in the internship smoothly!


Experiences from Prague

Erasmus incoming students have experienced Czech culture.

  • Why did you decide to pass your Erasmus+ in Czech Republic at the University College of Business in Prague?

I chose to do Erasmus + in Prague because the Christmas before I went there for a trip and loved the city.I decided to chose the University College of Business because the subjects are very interesting about tourism and also czech culture.Also it is located in the city center so that is perfect.

  • How did you experience your travel in Visegrad group countries?

It was amazing we went to Bratislava, Krakow and Budapest. We went to all the universities of each city and we could see how they work in different countries. We also had personal guided tours in the cities and for me the best part was going on the thermal baths in Budapest.

  • What was your best experience from Prague?

               „My best experience was the whole erasmus. Meeting new people also learning czech culture and be with the locals.After some weeks I felt Prague as my home.

  • What was your favourite Czech meal and experience which will not be forgotten in your life?

 „The best meal in my opinion is the Svíčková.It tastes so good and there I discovered the dumplings.I will never forgot the experience of going to a beer spa, is amazing if you go to Prague you must try it.

  • What did you experience as a stranger and more funny in the Czech culture?

For me the most strange thing because I’m spanish is not making to kisses every time you meet with friends as a salutation.They just say hello with a distance, but czechs are also very friendly.




Experiences from Erasmus+ University College of Business in Prague


City Rally in Bratislava

On 14th November and 15th November  2019 - 10 Erasmus incoming students and 4 staff from University the College of business have visited Bratislava School of economics and management in public administration in Bratislava. They established new cooperation for the project of V4+ and they attended also activities in the capital city of Slovak Republic. Thanks to Slovak and Czech Rectors representatives. Thank you for your participation :-)