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Study program - AIR TRANSPORT

The degree programs of the University College of Business (VSO) primarily focus

on educating and preparing qualified experts for professions in the tourism industry, in aviation services and aviation business management, as well as in the civil service and business sector. Our overriding aim is for students to graduate with theoretical knowledge they have already applied in real life. This way they can succeed in the highly competitive environment of the current labour market.

Vysoká škola obchodní v Praze, nadační fond (VŠO) has been operating as a private school of higher education (non-university type) since 2000, with a curriculum based on economics and transport. In those seventeen years, VŠO has acquired an important position among non-university colleges in the Czech Republic. There are currently more than 2,500 students actively studying here.

Air Transport is a progressive and modern study program

Air Transport introduces students to the basics of aviation, business and management, airline organization, logistics and transportation processes. Graduates will be able to perform the tasks of lower and middle management in business and in air transport. They will gain expertise mainly in business economics and in marketing and management.

Professional knowledge

We have prepared the content of the subjects according to the latest knowledge in the field of aviation and civil aviation. it is designed in cooperation with experts from practise and also takes into account the latest documents of international bodies and organizations for civil aviation.

Security and safety management in air transport

Security and safety and assessing them both are important issues that affect the day-to-day operations of airports and airlines. Here you will understand the practical strategies and risk management techniques that go with a dynamic aviation environment. You will learn to monitor and measure the security and safety culture in an aviation organization.

Aviation legislation

Air transport is bound by a number of conventions, regulations, directives, laws, decrees and guidelines. We will teach you to navigate them without any problems. Commercial aviation is the safest form of transportation because it is bound and guided by a number of conventions, regulations, directives, laws, decrees and guidelines. We will teach you to navigate them without any problems.

Economics of running an airline

Have you ever wondered how much a plane and aviation fuel cost? And how many passengers must be on the plane for the airline to make a profit? Have you ever wondered why aviation employs such a large army of people or how much an airplane and aviation fuel cost? And how many passengers must be on the plane for the airline to make a profit? These are questions you will get professional answers to from our experts.

Air Transport – Aircraft Technology

It would not be possible without an airplane. You will understand the forces holding the plane in the air and you will be able to describe the operation of its individual parts, devices and systems. Would you like to know what exactly a modern airplane is and what the principles of flight are? Would you like to know what an airplane looks like on the inside, its design and the operation of aircraft systems? In this area, we guarantee a high professionalism of knowledge from the latest aerospace technologies.

Management and marketing

Do you want to become a successful manager in an airline? With us, you will learn the basics and modern management and marketing tools.

Employment opportunities?

Graduates can find employment within the operations and infrastructure of air transport and individual companies (airlines, airport operators, flight operations providers and other services). They can use their new skills in the public sector, providing oversight of air transport, and in private civil aviation and in international companies that use air transport and unmanned aerial vehicles.

Why Air Transport?

  • Aviation is an attractive and promising field
  • 100% employability
  • The instructors are experts with many years of experience
  • Classes and studies are in English

How are we different than similar study programs?

  • Use of programs and specializations in practice, outstanding collegiate team of experts from commercial and state civil aviation administration 
  • Individual approach of instructors
  • New trends in aviation (e.g. security management in air travel, Unmanned flight systems)
  • Process modeling and new software



We are currently preparing for the beginning of the full-time form of study from September 2022.



STUDY PERIOD 2022/2023

Winter term study period: 19th September – 16th December 2022

Winter term exam period: 2nd January – 17th February 2023

Summer term study period: 20th February – 19th May 2023

Summer term exam period: 22th May – 30th June 2023


  • Download the STUDY PLAN
  • Accreditation of the Air Transport study program: Accreditation valid until 4. 5. 2024
  • Length of study: normally 3 years
  • Graduates: receives the Bc. title [bachelor’s degree]
  • Form of study: full-time study
  • Admission fee: 20 EUR
  • The tuition fees is 2 990 EUR per academic year 2022/2023



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