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Get to know all of Prague!


City full of students

Prague has been a city full of students ever since one of the oldest universities was founded here by Emperor Charles IV in 1348. Any number of universities and colleges have emerged here even in the modern era, such as the University College of Business. Czech and foreign students mingling in and outside the study environment is what you’ve got to look forward to.


Atmosphere of history and culture

Prague rightfully deserves the slogan “Prague, the Mother of Cities”. You can find important historical and cultural monuments here from the Middle Ages and modern times, such as Charles Bridge, Old Town Hall with Astronomical Clock, Prague Castle, and a vast number of churches, chapels and prominent palaces. In addition, there are dozens of theaters and parks and you can spend free summer afternoons at Petřín or on the Rašín Waterfront.


Accommodation and getting around

Prague has a wide range of dormitories offering a cheap place to live with plenty of student parties. You can also rent an apartment together with other students. The University College of Business in Prague has a contract with two partners providing accommodation and other services. The public transport here is very well run and organized. All you need to do is get a prepaid card and you can travel freely in Prague by tram, bus, subway and cable car.


The best parties

The University College of Business organizes lots of parties where you can meet other students, such as the welcome party and boat party. Prague has dozens of clubs and places to go for dancing, listening to music and all around enjoying your free time. The scene here captivates everyone.


Look at the cost of living in Prague


Enjoy your student years in a city that lives and breathes culture

  • Practically every step in Prague offers some architectural, historical or cultural treasure.
  • Prague is also a center of innovative ideas, startups and new projects. The creative space will inspire you, too.
  • Prague is an international city that attracts the most visible celebrities from all walks of life.


And don’t forget that Prague is one of the biggest student cities in Europe!

  • You can take part in hundreds of events every week!
  • Private student parties organized by VSO students.
  • Some of the best beers in the world and delicious local cuisine at student prices.
  • And lots more!


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see you in prague!