VŠO International

Incoming students

We are happy that you have chosen our university for your future studies. Erasmus incoming students can be only students from our Erasmus partner universities list. Students from universities that are not our Erasmus partner cannot become Erasmus students at our university. We would like to make our communication easier and faster, so we provide here some important information. Your duties are divided into 4 categories: before, at the beginning, during, and at the end of your mobility.


Visiting student`s duties before the mobility

  • The deadline for applying in Erasmus+ programme for next academic year 2022/2023 is 15th June 2022 (students who apply for winter semester) or 15th December 2022 (students who apply for summer semester).
  • Choose courses that you are going to study at PEUNI.

  • Send to Erasmus coordinator the scan of your learning agreement. Do not forget to fill in all necessary information, all names, dates and have it signed from your university, signed by you. Learning agreements that miss any information will not be accepted and signed.

  • You will receive stamped and signed learning agreement what means that you were accepted to study at PEUNI.

  • Students without learning agreement stamped and signed by Erasmus coordinator in June (for winter semester) or in December (for summer semester) will not be accepted for studies at PEUNI. Delayed dates will not be accepted.

  • If you have special requirements (e.g. an acceptance letter), you must provide all necessary information to PEUNI Erasmus coordinator.

  • Start checking permanently this web page for new information 2 weeks before your mobility begins. The exact day and time of initial meeting will be announced here. It should be at the beginning of semester.

  • Upon your arrival at PEUNI contact PEUNI Erasmus coordinator.


Student`s duties at the beginning of the mobility

  • Upon your arrival at PEUNI contact Erasmus coordinator by phone (+420 604 280 441) or via email (jan.skipala@peuni.cz).

  • Hand out a printed copy (hard copy) of your learning agreement to Erasmus coordinator at PEUNI. This hard copy will be the same as you have sent him before the mobility (it will be signed by you and responsible person from home university).

  • You can bring also any other document to sign and stamp that is required by your home university.

  • Participate in initial meeting for Erasmus students in the main university building. Exact day and time will be announced in Erasmus web section.


Student`s duties during the mobility

  • Student needs to follow learning schedule and participate in seminars.

  • Student will also participate in field trip.

  • Students in summer term will participate in Erasmus week and International workshop with foreign professors from partner universities.

  • Student will present a “team project” at colloquium last week of semester.


Student`s duties at the end of the mobility

  • At the end of the mobility students is supposed to fill in the "table C" in Learning agreement for studies and with printed version come to see Erasmus coordinator who will verify the content of the table and sign it if all the information is correct. Forms that are not filled in correctly will not be signed. Students are obliged to stay at PEUNI during the period on their learning agreements or other formal confirmations. Erasmus coordinator is not responsible if students leave PEUNI earlier or if students do not attend all their classes. Incoming students are fully responsible for respecting dates and course attendance on their learning agreements.

  • Any changes in learning agreement must be announced to vice-rector for studies RNDr. Jan Žufan, Ph.D., MBA, not only to Erasmus coordinator. If this vice-rector is not informed about changes as soon as they happen, the best by email, the student will not get his/her learning agreement signed at the end of the mobility.

  • If you have any other form/ document issued by your university that need to be signed, fill it correctly in and bring it, too.

  • Make your arrangement with Erasmus coordinator a week before you will contact him personally.



see you in prague!