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Flight operation

This bachelor study branch presents a complex training system for the performance of professions connected with the security of flight operation in civilian aviation, with focus on the field of air transport.

It also provides the opportunity to continue in further studies of related branches, such as for example “Airline businesses management”.

Professional knowledge

The applicant should have very good knowledge of:

  • high-school mathematics,
  • physics
  • English language

As this knowledge will be deepened during the stadium.

The study branch is primarily based on the study of theoretical subjects connected to flight operation, its content being based mainly on the requirements of civil flight regulations. The student will gain transport knowledge, such as the preparation and course of a flight and its monitoring. Furthermore, the student will gain knowledge of the issues connected to performance and technological-operational characteristics of an aeroplane. This includes topics related to human resources and to the human factor in aviation, as well as trade-economical processes of transporters working in this field.

Great theoretical knowledge for licensed function - transport pilot, or a flight operation manager

The graduates will have great theoretical knowledge for licensed function in this field, such as fora transport pilot, or a flight operation manager, etc. They will find employment on many top management positions of air service providers, airport operators and on all sorts of executive positions of handling companies. Another possibility, where the graduates may find great work, are state organisations of civil aviation or flight training organisations.

More information

Download the study plan (full-time form in Czech language).

  • Study length: normally takes 3 years
  • Graduate: receives the Bc. title [bachelor]
  • Forms of study: full-time level study
  • School fee: 22 500 CZK / semester


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